Unnecessary Update #2

Same plan today I guess. I’ll keep making these updates until I feel comfortable with what I’m doing. I’m going to get my day job stuff done and work on CC hopefully around 3 or 4pm this afternoon. I refactored the CarCodeProgram class yesterday so it’s much cleaner and easier to work with. Still working on being able to move instructions by dragging them around. I also had the idea of being able to full-screen the editor in case the screen is too small to make a very specific change. Hopefully I can get the drag and drop reordering working. I’d like to be able to have the
CarCodeProgram class reorder the list when the array itself changes but that’s all dependent on the same code (I would still use the code I’m writing now although things would be organized a bit differently), but it would make things easier if I start adding new instructions later on. Also, I should use actual icon images and not font awesome for the instruction icons… anyway, that’s for later. My next update won’t be until Monday unless I have time over the weekend to work which is doubtful.