Weather System

Still trying to fix the white halo at sea level.

Adding a weather system means the game can ship with more levels/puzzles, so that’s what I’m working on now. The clouds scroll and their density can be adjusted. Rain might get weird considering how it changes the visuals (I’m hoping I can just increase some specular to.. everything?)

Clearer skies with bloom and some other tweaks

Got URP With Post Processing Working

New Look and Feel

I had to practically start over, but I think switching the project over to use the Universal Rending Pipeline was worth it. I also made some changes to better mimic the layout of MCity. Here’s what’s new:

“Tunnel” for testing sensor outages

Thank you blend swap!


Actual Highway Signs Coming Soon!

Dirt/Gravel Road

Still figuring out the method of enclosure here.

Section of Road With Trees

These trees are actually a type of poplar and not cypress.

Improved Intersections With Better Traffic Light Models

Get these poles some PBR!

Roundabout With TestTown Sculpture

Yep! It totally spins! Please ignore the obvious difference in grass textures.

I realized that these extra sections mean I can easily increase the level count. Thanks for reading!