CarCoder Update

Who needs active ragdolls?

Here’s what I’ve managed to do so far:

  • Vastly improved lighting
  • CCTV cameras have a CRT-like shader and actual models
  • Added traffic lights to intersections (one is a 4 way stop)
  • Added lighting manager to toggle lights on/off
  • Added power slider for instructions
  • Can finally delete instructions
  • Added new ragdoll “pedestrian” models
  • More props in the town square
  • Added some trees

There is still plenty to do, but the main area of work will be the levels/stages as they’ll need a lot of work now.

Another idea I had is that you take jobs from contractors who have their own car you have to use. Each contractor also has its own criteria for scoring, so while one may put safety first, another might only care about the time it takes for you to get from point a to b.