Player Progress Working

CarCoder can save the player’s progress finally. I worked on the single instruction deletion/removal code but it proved to be harder than I thought, so I switched tasks, and now you don’t have to start over every time you restart the game. I had already made the level progress object serializable in anticipation of eventually doing this and after some research discovered the PlayerPrefs class which works nicely for persisting string or int values between executions. The nice thing is it will work on any platform I build the game for, and although the WebGL build can only store up to 1MB that’s actually more than enough for what the game needs to store a basic object like this.

I have to get back on the single instruction removal stuff now, and, of course, some new bugs have cropped up after I fixed most of these. Now, for whatever reason, you automatically beat the level as soon as you start which is great for testing the level progress is being saved but horrible from the gameplay perspective. Unity’s UI support is great, but for me, it’s a slow learning curve, and what seems simple at first can quickly become complex.