Unnecessary Update #1

Yeah, um, balance… well, what does that mean? I’m thinking that first, I have to setup a basic schedule/plan each day, but then I’ve got to make sure there’s some down time in there. Seems simple enough to me. So, start out with some basic reading and surfing until say 10, then day job until say 4, and then work on CC. Actually, I need to check emails first. That always has to be done first thing so that nothing sits there while I’m just doing whatever. 

I’ll check in tomorrow and see how that went? I’m working on the code editor in CC adding in some usability features like dragging instructions to reorder them. If the editor isn’t easy to use and intuitive (I think that means it’s easy to understand) no one will bother with the game. I need to get this right or it won’t have a chance at being successful. 

Right now, you can drag instructions to delete them but that’s it. I need to refactor it a bit to make it easier to program on too.