Feedback: Part 1

I’ve already gotten some feedback that mirrors what I believe the game needs and that is the ability to remove single instructions. I also need to add a confirmation before you delete the entire program. Removing the instruction is weird, but my plan is to change the red X to a trash can icon, and then if you drag the instruction to it, it deletes it. I had to work this way in the past, I just got caught up trying to change it to remove the instruction if you move it completely off the coding GUI strip.

Breaking Sad

I was considering taking a break from coding on CarCoder and pursuing some other hobby projects I have been meaning to work on, but the main reason for working on CarCoder was to see the project through from concept to a truly finished project. I read that you should start marketing a game as soon as you have something to show people so that by the time of the actual release you already have an audience.

Now, I need to research ways of marketing indie games and start getting some real feedback. When I start seeing themes in the feedback I get (like graphics are terrible, I don’t like the editor, etc) I need to develop plans to fix those issues now before it gets too difficult to change.

Another feature I just realized I need to implement is the ability for the community to add content to the game. This will start with an extremely basic way to import your own levels by creating the JSON files already used for the game’s levels and/or stages and could develop into importing actual assets (security?)

It’s alive!

The cones are spawning in the middle of the road and then being tossed up as if they’ve collided with the ground, but other than that it’s great! Here’s the link:

I’ll add that to the side-bar as well. There are about a hundred things left to do, but I really need some feedback at this point in case there’s something I didn’t think of or something I want to change that will be too hard to change later.

Beta Release

Welp, let ‘er rip! The game is ready for beta, I just need to figure out how to upload it to this site. I don’t even remember how I set this up. Bother!

I will go work on that and update this post when it’s ready.

UPDATE: WebGL build failed to load the level files because WebGL doesn’t support os level functions.

That should have been obvious, and I seem to remember thinking that, but then immediately thinking I’ll deal with that later. Well, it is now later, so I have to deal with it.

I have to configure a static assets folder and feed them to Unity that way. So, the beta release has been rescheduled for next week! Stay tuned!