Hard Part Is Over?

The concepts behind all sixteen levels of Car Coder are in place, and the bulk of the remaining work is the code needed to support the goals for levels fourteen and fifteen. Also, the layout for level sixteen, which is just going to be a combination of the past levels, is not done. I feel good about the recent progress made but now finding time to work is becoming more difficult because I need to make this more of a priority than I have been. Changing habits is hard, and I always want to change everything overnight which never works and ends up frustrating me more.

This is my problem now:

Rocket Crack

Holy half-flip, Batman, this game is fun. I have been playing this every opportunity I have had to do so since I started playing it about a year ago. My gosh, I like this game. Given the choice between working on my car game and this one, I will choose this one, so I need to stop that. From now on, I will not play Rocket Crack™ until I have given dev time to Car Coder!