Stress Level Monitor

I wrote this little application:

Every five minutes, it appears, I click on a number between 1 and 9 to describe my current stress level, and it pushes that data to an ELK stack which let’s me see how I’ve felt:

I thought of this yesterday while working on the playground I’m building for my kids. I was applying finish to the playground’s wood and I got really antsy and wanted to stop while I was thinking about all the work I had to do. I thought maybe I would just keep going and see how I felt in a few minutes and compare the results, and after about five minutes that feeling had subsided and I felt fine about the work I was doing. I then thought wow what if I had stopped then? So, to apply this to my current gamedev project, I made this application to monitor my overall stress level. Zero and ten are asymptotes. You always have some level of stress and ten would mean stress to the point of quitting life. I would hopefully just quit was I doing long before that happened.