Progress 1

I’ve been making an effort to post all my projects to GitHub because in the past I’ve lost a lot of work not making backups. I very much regret that I no longer have the code for:

  • A Quake 2 mod where you fight other players using the Q2 AI characters (similar to TABS)
  • The custom maps for the Q2 mod
  • A series of interactive 3D ASCII art I was making for an “installation”
  • A helicopter game I made when I was 14
  • A top-down military game like Rescue Raiders
  • A 3D wireframe game engine
  • Several raycasting engines
  • Anyway, you get the point!

Among those games, is one I started at least ten years ago that I called Cannons. It’s a mashup of Minecraft and an old DOS game called Scorched Earth (30 years old this year btw). I’m not sure, but I always liked the concept and it seemed like fun to make, so I started remaking it last night using the latest version of ThreeJS. So far, I haven’t used any of the old code but I’m hoping to somehow. The new version also uses NPM but I’m shying away from things like React for performance sake. Anyway, you can expect the next few posts here to be updates about this project. I want to add voxel-based physics to the game, but I still need to add terrain chunks and other “basic” Minecrafty biome mechanics. At the moment, it’s just one giant mesh with a single layer of blocks, and the tank is just suspended in the air at an arbitrary point to make it look like it’s on the ground. Later!