VQGAN Caveats

VQGAN assumes you want “low” quality images if you don’t include “unreal engine” in your prompts. Engine bias? Example:

Prompt: Busy medieval tavern

Prompt: Busy medieval tavern unreal engine

Menu on the right.. below the name of the tavern. IINEDU? INEOU? Innuendo? Hmm..

I obviously need to increase the resolution of the images it creates as well, but the difference is obvious. Also, I noticed that while it generated this image the tavern was “built” first and then it started adding people. If you compare one of the first generated images to this one you’ll see what I mean:

Guess they haven’t opened yet

I’m going to let this prompt run its course and I’ll post in the result later. Also, I’m running this is colab and I want to see how well my new computer performs in comparison.