The Follow Through

I made some progress with Cannons, but I decided to pivot back to working on CarCoder until it’s ready to be released on Steam. I’m not expecting some crazy success, but I feel like it would be fun to try. I believe the game has a lot of potential, but in its current state, I don’t think anyone will buy it. My guess is the work needed to polish up this game will take more time than its original development. Here’s my punch list so far:

Game Improvements

  • Use a better car model
  • Improve sounds
  • Make cameras more realistic and add nice transitions (CRT shader?)
  • Add dialogs
  • Fix lighting and terrain textures
  • Make streets and intersections more realistic
  • Improve UI (add a way to delete single instructions)
  • Improve the pedestrians
  • Add more levels (games like angry birds have over 700, IIRC I have around 14)
  • Optimizations and beta tests

Other Work That Isn’t Game Development

  • Add SSL to this website
  • Check on any legal issues from the assets in the game
  • Apply for Steam dev license/agreement
  • Marketing!

Thanks for reading!