My latest foray into the mysterious world of generative adversarial networks has yielded interesting results:

Don’t worry, it doesn’t make any sense when you zoom in

As illustrated (pun intended) in this post, it seemed possible to create an interactive story writer with actual graphics using GPT-3 and VQGan/CLIP, and the screen shot above proves that maybe I’m not as lazy as I thought I was. Hmm.. anyway, as a game it’s simply ahead of its time, but as an experiment it’s frickin’ cooler than dolphins with lasers. The prompts are hard coded, and as of yet I can only get it to continue the story for one or two additional prompts without devolving into madness, but it is sooo very very neat that I can just hit refresh and see a new opening passage along with a relevant image (after a few minutes of course). I can’t help but wonder how long it will be until content like becomes realistic and performant enough to replace the handmade games we have now.