So Fun, So Good

I’m working on an older project now that I got excited about after taking up my new “follow the fun” approach to game development. It’s a tile based HTML5 game where I’m attempting to create procedurally generated quests that are actually interesting. Some games already do this, but I wanted to see if I could create something where the quests were nuanced enough to make the game fun. To be honest, it’s an ambitious project that I’ll probably not be able to finish because I a) won’t have enough time or b) the AI won’t be feasible to do in the browser. I may end up having to make a backend for this one (in go cuz I do go now.)

I’ll try to post what I’ve done so far (which isn’t much) but for now here’s a screen showing the opening:

Dogs, cats, snakes, rats, and bread oh my… dialogs, too!