RogueBusters Update 4/21/23

Prefabs, generators, and FOV

Field of View is working, and I now have a simple scripting engine to place prefabs:

Building interior of a restaurant

It just places them in random positions, but I’ll soon be able to specify positional hints to the generator so things end up in the right place. There is also a template engine for generating names and other types of text. Here are some examples:

Full name: Harriet Santana
Full name: Lyle Berger
Full name: Eloise Delarosa
Full name: Phillip Combs
Restaurant name: Hanson's Family Restaurant
Building name: Fields Plaza

I plan on using these templates to generate basic NPC dialog, but I would much rather have GPT-3 or GPT-4 do the talking. Maybe we’ll get there, I don’t know yet, but the template-driven dialog should work fine for now.

Other than walking around, there’s not much you can do in the game, so I want to work on inventories and items now. Then I’ll work on NPC interactions and combat.