Level 9 (Now With Pedestrians!)

You can’t have the old trolley problem without taking a few innocent lives, so the game needs pedestrians!
Unity offers many prebuilt assets for this, but because I’m still in the initial development phase focusing on the real content of the game is more important than wasting valuable time and willpower dealing with complicated 3D models of humans. While I was trying to get to sleep a few nights ago, I realized that I just needed to make the cardboard cutout (used in a previous level) mobile, so why not just put wheels on it so it can roll around in whatever direction I need. Here’s what I ended up with last week after wasting a few hours with blender (I ended up just using unity’s primitives because I’m too impatient for a real modeling app):

The Wheelbase Prefab

My modeling skills are embarrassing at best, but it works. I want to make the wheels more like bicycle wheels that spin when it moves so it looks like somebody made it in their garage at 3am. It’s only able to move in one direction, but you can specify the speed. I also want the pedestrian image itself to be an actual cutout not just a textured plane, but that will have to happen later when I have all sixteen levels working.

Bad as it looks, it works, and I was able to do the first real level where the trolley problem is implemented in the game. I’m hoping to have a playable demo on here soon. The neat thing was adding this to the game as an obstacle attached all the behaviors the previous obstacles have as well, so colliding with it causes a failure and so forth without any additional coding on my part. Maybe you can OOP correctly?