It’s Only A Hobby

So, I’m realizing now I don’t have the time to finish this project the way I want. I tell myself to spend those five or ten minutes (that’s a joke) I spend on Reddit working on the game, but after a while of doing this I get stressed out to the point where it affects my “real” work which isn’t the point of doing this. I’m a creative person, so I believe these projects should be a sort of haven where I can let myself do what I want. Part of me things I’m not being as patient as I should be as well because my life won’t always be this busy. Being busy makes you feel important, but I hope I don’t end up having to be busy to like myself. 

Anyway, I need to dial this stuff back, and regroup I think. I don’t know if I’ve proven I can’t keep to a schedule or devote time to this project as well. Elon Musk says if you work twice as hard, you get twice as much done assuming you have the constitution he does. He doesn’t know if he has something others do not because he can’t jump in someone else’s body (hopefully) and compare their level of frustration after working for 12 hours straight to his own. I’m not giving up, but I want to know the answer to this. If I were to adhere “perfectly” to a schedule, how long should I maintain it before giving it up if it proves too stressful? Or, if I keep going, do I get stronger? More resistant to stress? Will I end up this way regardless, or do I need to put forth the effort. If someone doesn’t work out, they won’t get stronger, right? I need to answer these questions somehow.