Cutting it short


I’m ending my experiment today. After two months I can see that taking the, “when I feel like it,” approach yields nothing. I worked on some projects maybe twice and very little was done. Mostly I just played games when I should have been working on something. 

I’m not going to pretend I haven’t gone the other way either. I’ve ran this same experiment far more times than I would like to admit, and the results are the same. I feel this tremendous amount of motivation, work very hard for a few days, and then get so stressed out I end up sick or seriously depressed.

I have enough evidence to conclude my experiments. I have to find the grey area here between these two polar opposites. If I don’t schedule time to work and have a plan describing what I need to do, nothing will get done, and if I try to do everything at once I won’t be able work at all. That’s it, I’m going forward with my findings so no more binary work ethic. 

I’m thinking that I’ll have some time, maybe 30 minutes to an hour, later in the day to work on Car Coder sometime after 3pm. I still don’t like that name.

EDIT: I just wanted to make a note about the release date. If I keep working on the project regularly I’ll finish it, but I can’t work with hard deadlines right now. If I was working on this full time maybe I could do that, or have a better estimate. Honestly, I don’t think this project will be ready by the end of the year, but I should know when it will be done by then because I’ll be able to track my progress/productivity as long as I keep making updates here. If I keep breaking down the work involved and work regularly I should be fine.