Car Coder Release Schedule

I believe in deadlines. At their worst, you deliver the product late, but still earlier than if you had not set up a deadline. They seem to mean more than what you would call a “goal.” In this spirit, I have set a deadline up for the release of Car Coder: December 31st, 2018.

I do not feel confident about meeting this deadline, but I  don’t trust the idea of confidence. Courage makes more sense to me; you are fearful, but you work through it. I suppose confidence is something you have after you develop courage, maybe? To me, confidence equates to faith in yourself, but I won’t have much of that if I don’t witness myself having courage.

I need to develop a punch-out list. I need to itemize everything that’s left to do before I can commercially release this game. It won’t be expensive, but I’m trying to build some capital up so I can do more stuff than I’m doing now, so here goes:

  1. The first release version needs at least 16 levels
    • (20 would be better, but 16 is a great start).
  2. Determine if the game should have Intermediate/Advanced car code editors, and if so, create them.
    • This would create a better gameplay experience, and allow for more complicated interesting solutions, but would take a while to finish.
  3. Actually score player’s progress
    • Currently, you can only get the yellow light “medal” after finishing the level because there’s so actual scoring taking place.
    • Points need to be awarded for completing the goals within a certain amount of time and with the least amount of damage.
    • Need to determine how advanced this scoring system should be. I could just setup something simple for now or create programmable parameters for each level.
  4. Actual Graphics
    • Everything so far has been done with free assets from the unity store (or me attempting to do something with blender).
    • Pick an actual art style (low poly, cell shaded, etc)
  5. Damage to Environment and Cars
    • Game items need to display damage
  6. Better sounds
    • Again, buy stuff or make high quality sounds.

That seems like the complete list. If I think of anything else I’ll add it. Now I need to take those items and break them down into actual implementation.