Breaking Sad

I was considering taking a break from coding on CarCoder and pursuing some other hobby projects I have been meaning to work on, but the main reason for working on CarCoder was to see the project through from concept to a truly finished project. I read that you should start marketing a game as soon as you have something to show people so that by the time of the actual release you already have an audience.

Now, I need to research ways of marketing indie games and start getting some real feedback. When I start seeing themes in the feedback I get (like graphics are terrible, I don’t like the editor, etc) I need to develop plans to fix those issues now before it gets too difficult to change.

Another feature I just realized I need to implement is the ability for the community to add content to the game. This will start with an extremely basic way to import your own levels by creating the JSON files already used for the game’s levels and/or stages and could develop into importing actual assets (security?)