7D2D GAN Project Update


That’s an in-game screen shot of the first pregab generated by the current code, and it’s ok to be confused. Let’s be honest, that’s not going to help you survive a horde anytime soon. What this really means is:

A scaled-up example of the training data. The actual images are only 28×28 pixels.

The next goal post is to convert all the available game prefabs to training data images like the one above, re-train, and see what we get. The majority of challenges remaining with this project still exist, and to be honest, I am sure this project will not generate anything that even resembles a finished product for a long time, and that’s not tensorflow’s fault. However, I am planning on taking whatever reasonable action I can to make this a reality which probably just means emailing someone who actually knows how it works. If that’s all you have to do, why the heck not?

My super long long-term fuzzy warm feeling goal is creating a website called thisprefabdoesnotexist.com which works like this one: https://www.thispersondoesnotexist.com/. Good luck to me!